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(This customer was on vacation in Mobile, found their car on the internet, drove 5 hours thru rain & wrecks - purchased the car - drove back to finsih their vacation)

Mr. Morris,

We really appreciate you waiting so long on us yesterday. Thank you for being the person you said you were. Honesty and integrity are to very "HIGH QUALITY" traits that are at the top of our family priorities. Thank you for being at the top of our priority list. Terry and I are excited about our purchase from you and we are looking forward to picking it up as soon as we are back up that way. We should be coming back through your area on Monday the 15th.

Thanks, Sherman and Terry (from North Alabama)

(This customer drove 2 hours to purchase her car)
Her comments:
"There should be more people like you! Thank you, Larry for working with me through some challenging financial issues. (she was working with a credit union that did not use electronic transfer of funds but the snail mail) I'm sure a 11 year old bettle probbly isn't usually a dream come true, but it was for me. I smilled through tears for miles as I drove away in my new ball of sunshine!" (Her VW was yellow)

Larry Morris

Vanessa Morris

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